1. Avoid talking about something or topic out of our area as professional educator. May be the first you will be considered oddly, but as a teacher you don’t need afraid if you are considered oddly. As long as what you do is to improve mind in attitude and carier. Now, which is the most important? We talk gossip of new artist or analyze mind of our students when they are selector of beginner in General Election?. Not only that, but also many topic that we think no proper to be discussed by teachers as educator. If you are difficult to do that, it’s easy, you should look for reading matter that is advantageous, read it so that you will be escaped from talking unadvantageous in teacher room.
  2. If you have new companion, guide and support him/her to be better by way give positive comment about what he/she does. Sit yourself in him/herself, so you will be companion who is supportive and care.
  3. When you are in meeting, give the best idea, don’t worry whether your idea is denied or accepted. But convince your friend that your idea is the best. The best way is using data like research report.
  4. Try to accept another opinion or ideas, to be aware of your strength and weakness. If you can do it, your insight and your quality will extend.
  5. Create network for yourself, so that it makes you change to be better. Use friendship situs is like facebook to make networks with your friends who make you extend. Don’t use it for running to away from your problem when you have problem with your friend in your workplace. Strunggle little by little to solve your problem, prove that if you don’t get support in your workplace or your school, you can get it by technology.
  6. All of teacher are different, like that students. As friend, we must think that the differentiation is a gift from God. When we are aware of it, our thingking will be easy to accept critics, suggestion and idea from our friends in our workplace. At same time, we can tell about our weakness and our strength honestly.
  7. Don’t be afraid if you are talked by another person “on the back”. Somethings as a teacher, cause he/she is afraid if she/he is talked by another person on the back, he/she becomes lazy to innovate and do something creatively and differently. It’s important that a Professional Teacher must be sure what he/she does is for his/her students. Why we must listen another’s opinion. Let’s purity our intention that the best what we do is to prepare student’s future, not to our carier and not to get praise.

About Siti Nur Baiti

aku bukanlah manusia yang sempurna atas segalanya, akan tetapi aku adalah seorang insan yang memiliki kelebihan dan kekurangan.

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